Craigslist Code Words: Do You Realize Whatever They Actually Mean?

Craigslist Code Words: Do You Realize Whatever They Actually Mean?

Therefore, you’re cruising Craigslist’s casual encounters area.

You begin speaking with a self-shrinking violet who desires to parTy and be wooed with roses. The the next thing you know, you’re in prison for cavorting with a prostitute who was simply on top of meth.

Whoa! That got real fast.

Thank you for visiting Craigslist, the sewer regarding the Web. Unless you’re a serial killer with low objectives, Craigslist isn’t any location to find love.

You missed the hidden message written between the lines if you fell for the shrinking violet story.

Violet often means cannabis. A strategically put big t means meth. Roses is a code word for bucks in prostitution. If she really wants to invest an intimate night to you in return for 40 roses, she’s perhaps not speaing frankly about plants.

For those of you searching for difficulty, Craigslist is filled with it. However for other people, lacking the hidden codewords implanted in a advertisement could secure you in a situation that is sticky.

A present medication breasts revealed that dealers attempted to market the painkiller Roxicodone through the website. They utilized the rule term boardshorts that are‘Roxy 30.’ 30 endured for 30 mg. Another breasts revealed that heroin had been offered as ‘roofing tar.’

Bad news for a few bad man simply wanting to fix a roof that is leaky.

If you place some of the after rule terms or acronyms on Craigslist, beware!

The Craigslist Code

Discreet- If somebody asks one to be discreet or promises privacy, there’s a great possibility that it is pertaining to something unlawful.

French Lesson – Agreeing for this won’t allow you to discover brand new language. French class in Craigslist means prostitution.

Party Favors – Party favors in Craigslist aren’t one thing to be delighted and thankful about. Unless you’re into medications, keep away from them.

Tina or Tina Turner – even although you are a fan regarding the musician, never ever seek out Tina or Tina Turner souvenirs on Craigslist. You may end up getting crystal methamphetamine in your arms.

This basically means unprotected sex without an interpreter.

NSA- this means No Strings connected or sex that is casual.

Party and Enjoy – whilst it seems good to be invited up to party, don’t forget to say no for this one. Party and Play in Craigslist involves intercourse and medications. Methamphetamine is considered the most choice that is common.

420, Mary-Jane, Violet – Marijuana

ABR/ANR – Should you discover an advertisement for ABR/ANR, shut your laptop straight away. It is short for Adult Breastfeeding Relationship or Adult Nursing Relationship. Urgh.

such a thing regarding massage or casual encounters – Under no circumstances in case you sign up for a therapeutic therapeutic massage through Craigslist. If they’re listed as DDF, they’re disease is meant by it and drug-free. Unfortuitously, individuals on the net lie a great deal. Newsweek reported that Craigslist hookups had been responsible for a 16% upsurge in situations of HIV.

Cranked – If somebody desires to have cranked, it indicates they wish to sample a rainbow of narcotics which will ask them to bouncing from the walls like demented fresh fruit bats. Avoid.

Fun Times – Fun times aren’t fun times. It really means that the author hopes for a casual hookup if you see an ad for fun times. History has revealed that setting up casually on Craigslist can spell tragedy. For lonely hearts who would like a friend that is platonic purchase a cat. Never ever consent to ‘fun times.’

Molly – Don’t meet Molly unless you’re trying to score MDMA.

Poppy – Also heroin.

Ski – They like skiing! You want skiing! an ideal road journey friend for Aspen? No bueno. This 1 will snort the snowfall from the slopes. Skiing means cocaine. Therefore does Ca Cornflakes. Don’t make brunch plans through the classified section.

Riding The H Train – really The only train you’ll be riding could be the one directly to prison in the event that you hook up with this particular dope slinging degenerate. H represents heroin.

Rolls Royce – Don’t get the hopes up if an on-line suitor offers to just take you away in their Rolls Royce. Their trip might actually end up being the coach, but they’ll offer ecstasy on path.

Roses, sugar, doe, $, assistance, recommendations – money money. More especially, money cash that’s exchanged for intimate favors.

Tina – Tina is Molly’s unsightly, meaner sis – AKA crystal methamphetamine

Liquid Functions/ Wet Works – This means someone desires to urinate for you, or they’re an assassin. In any event, it is a negative scene.craigslist’s crew of artful dodgers are often inventing brand new codewords to creep across the authorities. Because of the time you check this out list, it would likely already be outdated. But inadvertently stumbling upon a medication racket could be the minimum of one’s issues whenever poking a toe into Craigslist’s cesspool.

One Bing search will expose a litany of Craigslist horror tales. Serial killings, beheadings, intercourse crimes, fetus murders…it’s a playbook of horror movie plotlines. But often you’ll find discounted prices on slightly utilized furniture. Exactly what a dilemna!

Just how to Remain Safe on Craigslist? Look at the individual out online before you meet.

  • Obtain a name that is full you meet

You a name, run the number through a phone lookup directory if they don’t want to give. It might expose a myriad of facts about them.

  • Never ever fulfill alone

If you’re going to get a tank for your fish or a attractive futon, simply take somebody with you. Select a large buddy that is strong can fight trouble.

  • Scan for just about any warning flag